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Join internationally renowned percussionist, educator, inspirational speaker and community drumming leader, Jim Greiner, for a sound healing evening.

Greiner employs fun and easy ways for all to use drumming as a Life Practice to reinforce positive patterns of attitude and action.

His multiple award-winning work is based on over four decades of his own global rhythm journey, including two years in Africa where he was profoundly moved by the power of rhythm to uplift, inspire and unify people.

The session will help attendees to find and reinforce one’s innate ability to get into the flow state. Musicians call this state, the groove. In this state, we are able to let go of physical and mental distractions, and be completely present with ourselves, and with others.

Attendees will play handmade percussion instruments: African Djembes (large hand drums), frame drums found in many cultures globally (smaller hand drums), maracas from the Caribbean, and North American tambourines.

The session also incorporates relaxed breathing patterns Greiner learned from several elder drummers on his journeys to release tension and to ground and focus ourselves.

The Evening Drumming Circle is a private event for Alumni & Associates. Registration for the event is required.

We hope you're able to join fellow UACIM alumni, associates and faculty for a memorable evening marking the opening night of the Integrative Mental Health Conference.

Please note: You must be logged into your account in order to proceed with registration for the evening. Only alumni and associates can register for this event.

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